Foods with Caffeine in Them for People that Hate Coffee

In today’s fast-moving world, you probably find that most people are coffee drinkers and need it at nearly all hours of the day. It makes sense, though, because coffee is one of the most consumed drinks in the world.

Coffee is a drink that gives people the energy boost they feel like they need to get through the day.

However, coffee isn’t a drink that everyone is in love with. I’m definitely not a fan of coffee and I don’t want to force myself to drink it when I need a little bit of caffeine in my system.

There has to be some sort of alternative out there that can help you get the caffeine boost you want without having to drink a cup of coffee every few hours to keep you going throughout your day, right?

Foods with Caffeine for People That Aren’t Coffee Fans

Believe it or not, there are foods out there that contain caffeine in them. These foods may not contain the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee but they can do just as good of a job helping you wake up and stay awake throughout the day.

The following foods are going to be foods that contain the caffeine you might desperately need for those long mornings or early afternoons when you need a quick pick me up:


foods with caffeine

You read that right, chocolate. This is the perfect excuse to start your day with a nice chocolate bar and not really feel guilty about it.

A single serving of dark chocolate is going to give you about 12 milligrams of caffeine.

The good news about this is that a single serving of dark chocolate isn’t very big at all. So you really won’t have to be eating a ton of chocolate just to get a tiny bit of caffeine.

You can get away with eating a few servings of chocolate to get the caffeine you feel like you need.

Not to mention that chocolate is a nice little snack when you need a quick boost of caffeine later on in the day.


foods with caffeine

Yogurt is such a nice thing to have because it pairs well with so many different other foods like fruits and granola.

This is actually a great way to start your day. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you might as well take advantage of that and eat some yogurt that’ll also give you an energy boost that will help you throughout the day.

If you don’t mind the coffee flavor, but don’t want to actually drink a cup of coffee for any number of reasons, then stick to a coffee flavored yogurt.

You’ll get the coffee flavor while at the same time having the freedom to add in any little extra pieces of food that typically go well with yogurt.


foods with caffeine

Matcha is derived from tea leaves that contain a moderate amount of caffeine.

Having matcha instead of a coffee can be more beneficial to you even though the amount of caffeine in it isn’t nearly as high as your typical cup of coffee.

When you have matcha, you are providing your body with a number of antioxidants along with numerous other health benefits that can allow you to feel more energized throughout your day.

Matcha is a flavor that might take some getting used to if you’ve never had it before, just like coffee. However, once you’re able to love the taste, matcha is gonig to be something that you’ll always want to start your day off right.


foods with caffeine

That’s right, a typical bowl of cereal can be providing you with the caffeine you’re looking for.

Not every cereal out there is going to give you the caffeine you need, but a lot of them have that hidden caffeine that you didn’t know was there.

The cereals that have the most caffeine are going to be the chocolate flavored ones because they typically contain real chocolate and real chocolate has caffeine in it.

The best route is to just check the labels if you’re wanting something with a little more punch to it.

Cereal and caffeine may be the reason why some of your kids are so energetic in the mornings after their breakfast before school.


If you’ve never heard of kombucha, it’s a fermented, sweetened black or green tea that is typically drunk for its health benefits.

So, if you’re looking to become slightly healthier and get that caffeine boost you need, kombucha may be your best option.

This natural tea drink provides wonders for your gut health, which may not be where it should be at this point anyway.

A healthy gut is something that can make your days so much easier. You may not be given as much energy but your body will be able to function much better.

Kombucha is something that can provide you with the same amount of caffeine as a regular cup of coffee if you have the right amount of it. Choose kombucha not only for its caffeine content but for its other health benefits as well that will do much more than any cup of coffee that you choose to drink.

Pain Relievers

Yes, I know this isn’t technically a food, but it does fall into the category of something that has caffeine that you probably didn’t know had caffeine in it.

This may not be the way you want to start your day because I recommend only turning to pain relievers when you have pain. For example, take an Advil when you have a headache, don’t just take Advil to take Advil.

Caffeine is typically one of the most common additives to these over the counter pain releivers.

The reason these drugs have so much caffeine in them is that it has been proven that more caffeine will allow the pain relievers to be more effective. This might be why you see people get caffeine headaches from a lack of caffeine.


For me, I compare pudding to yogurt in that they are very similar in texture but the flavor is completely different.

Your best bet to get the most caffeine from pudding is to go with chocolate flavored pudding. By now, you know that chocolate has caffeine in it and will provide you with enough to carry you through your morning.

Having it in pudding is a good option because it’s such a quick thing to eat. Pudding is a great snack at any time of the day which makes it a very effective food with caffeine.

Vitamin Water

Vitamin water is something that is a good alternative to regular water because it provides you with a ton of vitamins and minerals that will help your health.

However, it also contains caffeine to give you a slight energy boost while at the same time providing you with numerous health benefits.

The caffeine combined with guarana, an ingredient typically found in energy-boosting waters, will give you that energy you need to go on throughout your entire day.

You Don’t Need Coffee

There are plenty of us out there that do not enjoy the taste of coffee. However, we probably will struggle when it comes to having the energy we want to have throughout the day.

This is where the above foods come into play. If we want to have that caffeine boost, we can turn to these foods so that we don’t feel the need to power through a cup of coffee.

The caffeine you want and need is in other sources, you just have to find them.