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Gluten-Free Fast Food: Your Options When You Think You Have None

It's Possible to Do Fast Food and Eat Gluten-Free and Here's How

If you’re gluten-free, it could be for a number of reasons. You might have celiac disease or even a wheat allergy.

Most people don’t even know if they have a wheat allergy or not. It’s kind of just assumed that they don’t. however, wheat allergies could affect millions of more people than you think. Try to get this checked out so you can know for sure.

If you’re thinking about going gluten-free, there are a number of reasons that you should try it. We never fully digest wheat anyway, our bodies become more inflamed when we consume wheat, and it can cause the leaky gut syndrome.

Usually being gluten-free means that you have to pay attention to everything you’re consuming. It can be difficult at times if you aren’t prepared for your next meal. Sometimes you may not have much time to go home, prepare all the food, and cook yourself something. Your only option might have to be the nearest fast food place.

One of the great things about keto is that everything you consume is gluten-free by default. We even spent some time hunting down the best keto fast food options.

Gluten-Free Fast Food Options

Fast food is usually only an option when you’re short on time or don’t have the time to prepare something yourself. It’s also for some of the lazy people that don’t actually want to cook anything.

This is harder for people that are on a gluten-free diet because when you think of fast food, your first thought isn’t about something healthy. For a long period of time, you probably couldn’t find anything that was gluten-free at a fast food restaurant.

However, because the world is starting to change a little bit and gluten-free diets are becoming more and more popular, fast food restaurants are getting more and more gluten-free options. This is good news for you and everyone else that doesn’t even intend to be gluten-free.

Below you’ll be able to see some gluten-free options at some very popular fast food chains.

Burger King


When you’re at Burger King you’re supposed to have it your way. However, it could be difficult to get a proper meal that will be fully gluten-free.

Here, you can order any of the burger patties and chicken filets. To keep it gluten-free, you’re going to need to keep these options bunless. Yes, that may take away from the flavor of the overall meal, but it’s better for you in the long run of things anyway.

The french fries themselves are a good option, however, you need to be careful because they could be fried with oil that contains gluten.

As for breakfast options, you can have the bacon, ham, eggs, and sausage. Those are safe options, but remember to get any sandwich without the buns.


McDonald’s is a bit tricky because they are constantly changing suppliers.

This means that at one point they could have gluten-free ingredients and at another point, the same meal could not be gluten-free anymore.

The best option you have to make sure you get something gluten-free is to check their website since that is going to have the most up to date and accurate listings of ingredients.

If you don’t have time for this then you can always ask the employees about the gluten-free options and hopefully, they give you accurate information. This is a risky option to take since not all employees are the most knowledgeable about what they are giving the customers.


Chick-fil-A is a great place for those of you that want more extensive gluten-free options.

Here you can get an order of fries and a grilled chicken sandwich with the bun and eat it without having to worry about anything.

Their grilled chicken nuggets are also a good option for you to have.

You can also have a couple of their salad option, the Grilled Markey Salad and Spicy Southwest Salad to be exact.

This place also has a gluten-free frosted lemonade that is going to add to the deliciousness of your meal.

The only safe gluten-free option you’ll have for their breakfast is the hashbrowns. Hashbrowns are good, but they probably aren’t going to do the trick to satisfy your stomach in the morning.


Yes, I consider Chipotle to be fast food. You go in, pick out what you want, they assemble it right in front of you, and you can start eating. The entire process to get your food can take less than a minute if they aren’t busy at all.

Chipotle could possibly be your favorite gluten-free fast food restaurant to attend solely because everything on their menu, except the flour tortillas, are gluten-free.

Because of this you basically have the entire menu to work with.

What’s nicer than going to a fast food place and being able to order exactly what you want without having to worry about it making you feel a certain type of way because it affected your diet.



This is going to make some people a little sad because KFC makes some pretty good chicken. However, they don’t really offer any gluten-free options.

Some people just aren’t trying to keep up with the times and it’s unfortunate that such a popular fast food chain has yet to make small changes that could increase their revenue.

So many people are starting to go gluten-free that at some point you’ll probably start seeing most restaurants going gluten-free. Pretty soon that is going to be the standard that everyone is going to have to meet.

Five Guys

Five Guys makes a really good burger. However, by now you should be realizing that most fast food places don’t have a gluten-free bun to go with their burgers and chicken sandwiches.

This is unfortunate but there is usually a way around it.

Five Guys is great because you can order anything without the bun and they will place it in a bowl for you. All of the toppings that you can get on the sandwiches are gluten-free so you’re going to be able to add everything you want.

In-N-Out Burger

If you’re a huge fan of In-N-Out then you know that you can order your burgers in a style that comes off the secret menu, protein style.

Ordering your burger like this is going to let them know that you want your burger to be in a lettuce wrap instead of on a bun.

You can get your burger like this along with the fries since those are gluten-free as well.

This is good news for those that are gluten-free but enjoy having a good burger every once in a while. You aren’t going to feel as though you are missing anything because you can have the fries as well. Sometimes having a burger without the fries just leaves you with a somewhat empty feeling.

Taco Bell


Taco Bell has a ton of gluten-free options that you can choose from.

They now have Cantina Power Bowls, which are somewhat similar to a Chipotle bowl, where all the ingredients are gluten-free.

Usually, when you get a power bowl, it’s enough food to hold you over for a while.

Most of the delicious drinks that taco bell has are gluten-free as well so you can go crazy with the Baja Blast flavor.

Like most of the other fast food restaurants, the hashbrowns that are served for breakfast are gluten-free as well. The one drawback is that they might be made in a shared fryer.

This means that the oil may not be gluten-free and it’s shared with other non-gluten-free foods.


Wendy’s has a more than solid selection of gluten-free items.

The first things you should look at are their baked potatoes. Even the potatoes that come with more ingredients on them, like bacon or chili, are still an excellent gluten-free option.

Their salads are a great option for you as well. You just have to remember to eat them without any croutons. Croutons are so good but if you’re going gluten-free then they should absolutely never be an option.

The salads that happen to come with croutons already on them shouldn’t be an option.

If you’re wanting to have a burger option, you can go ahead and get a burger, just without the bun. Wendy’s does make an excellent burger so it’s going to taste pretty good without the bun anyway.

The Options Are There

There are plenty of gluten-free options around you. You just have to know exactly where to look and what to order.

Pretty soon you may not even have to worry about making gluten-free options since all the ingredients are going to be gluten-free.

But for now, you’re going to have to stay smart about your selections.

If you’re ever in doubt about an item, just ask the employees about it. Somebody is going to know because people are much more conscious of people that may possibly have an allergy and they do not want to take the risk of getting a customer sick in any way.

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