13 Healthy Snacks for Work You Can Keep at Your Desk

People are always snacking. Everyone loves to have a great snack. If you have a job where you have to work in an office then you know just as much as anybody that it could be difficult at times to find healthy snacks for work.

Most days you might not even think about bringing a snack then the next thing you know, you’re at the vending machine. Or you may have some store bought snacks that you know aren’t the healthiest for you.

The options at the vending machine usually aren’t the healthiest.

This is when you need to start bringing your own snacks for work. You need healthy snacks that are going to be able to fit in that unused drawer in your desk.

13 Healthy Snacks for Work

Having a healthy snack isn’t hard to do. The hard part is remembering to bring a healthy snack to work. Especially since you’re more than likely going to want a snack at some point during your workday.

The following snacks are healthy snacks that you should keep at your desk at work at all times. They aren’t going to be things that you have to prepare every single day before showing up to the office.

They also aren’t going to go bad overnight if you leave them at your desk.

These snacks are going to be easily accessible without any prep time. This way, you won’t have to take time away from work making a snack.

Air Popped Popcorn

healthy snacks for work

Popcorn is a very simple snack that can be made in minutes. It could be made on your quick water break.

You don’t always have to make a big bag of popcorn either. You can take about 1/4 cup of kernels, put them in a bowl and pop them in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

A little hack that you might find useful at times would be to keep a few different seasonings at your desk to change up the taste of the popcorn. You can keep something as simple as cinnamon at your desk if you’re looking for a snack that’s healthy, but a bit on the sweeter side.

Dark Chocolate

healthy snacks for work

Dark chocolate is healthier chocolate than white or milk chocolate. It has health benefits that are going to be perfect for you.

We all know the work environment can be a bit stressful at times, so being able to have a snack that is going to be sweet enough to put a smile on your face is always good.

The magnesium that’s found in dark chocolate is also known to be a stress-reliever. So, with dark chocolate, you’re going to be potentially calming yourself down while improving your health. You’ll also be able to temporarily go to a happy place because who doesn’t love chocolate?


healthy snacks for work

Having raw nuts are going to be great.

They will give you that mid-day protein boost that you’ll probably need. Nuts could potentially help you fight that afternoon nap you could be craving after your lunch break as well.

Don’t overlook the power that a snack could have on your ability to keep your focus at work. Working on a stomach that needs some food is going to cause you to lose some focus, so anything you can do to fight that is positive.

Dried Fruit

healthy snack ideas for work

Dried fruits are going to give you something sweet for a snack.

This healthy snack for work is going to give some vitamins and minerals that you might desperately need to finish off your workday.

Make sure you get a dried fruit that has as little added sugars as possible. Fruit is already going to have a little bit of sugar so you don’t need any more sugar added to your diet.

That could easily make this snack go from healthy to unhealthy in a hurry.

Granola Bars

healthy snacks for work

Granola bars are very easy because you can keep boxes of them on your desk if you wanted.

Like dried fruit, some granola bars can be deceptive. By this, I mean that not all granola bars are going to be as healthy as they may seem.

To get the healthiest option possible, you are going to want to read the nutrition facts and ingredients to make sure there isn’t anything added that’s going to make things harder on your health.


healthy snack ideas for work

Pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds are going to be perfect. They are typically a great source of protein that you could really use throughout your workday.

These seeds are easy to keep at your desk as well because they aren’t going to go bad if you just keep them there for days on end.

Something that you can keep at your desk for days without having to worry about it going bad is a snack that you should keep around.

The only problem you might have is some insects trying to eat your snacks before you do.

Plain Oatmeal

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Plain oatmeal can take you a minute to make.

The good thing about instant oatmeal is that all you need to add is water.

You aren’t going to only need this for breakfast. Although, it could come in handy if you didn’t have a chance to eat breakfast at home before arriving at the office.

Making sure that the oatmeal you make is plain is key. That’s what makes this a healthy option. If you get a flavored option, you’re gonna be feeding your body a ton of added sugars which is something that we don’t want.

Healthy Crackers

healthy snack ideas for work

When it comes to crackers, you definitely need to make sure that you’re choosing the right crackers.

Not all crackers are going to be a healthy option. In fact, most of them probably aren’t going to be the most healthy option.

You should look for crackers that are high in fiber and relatively low in sodium. These types of crackers are going to still give you a flavorful snack.

Crackers make for an excellent snack because they are easy to eat and they don’t really take away from anything you’re doing.

Nut Butters

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Things like peanut butter and almond butter are going to be a healthy snack that you should almost always have with you.

They are going to taste great by themselves or with another snack if you choose to go that route.

Make sure you keep an eye on those added sugars before you choose to buy a jar. They could sneak up on you out of nowhere and are one of the leading contributors to weight gain amongst everyone in the United States.

Beef Jerky

healthy snack ideas for work

Beef jerky is a snack that is perfect for people that just happen to be on the ketogenic diet because jerky is a great source of protein and usually has little to no carbs.

Most jerky is usually high in sodium, so you may want to keep an eye on that as well. Your body needs salt but if it has too much of it, there are going to be health problems for sure.


healthy snacks for work

Granola is a good healthy snack option for work.

Be careful because this is a snack that can be easy to start mindlessly start snacking on. When you’re mindlessly snacking, you don’t pay attention to how much you’re actually eating.

If you aren’t careful, this snack could easily turn into a meal and before you know it, you’ve consumed enough calories for your next meal before you even consume your next meal.

Tuna Pouches

healthy snacks for work

Tuna pouches are amazing because you don’t have to store them in a refrigerator. They also come ready to eat. All you need to do is open it and start eating.

Tuna might be one of the healthiest snack options because it’s high in protein and will give you a bunch of healthy omega 3’s that are vital to your overall health.

Trail Mix

healthy snack ideas for work

You can almost never go wrong when you choose to eat trail mix as your snack.

Trail mix is going to combine a few of the options you’ve already seen, like nuts, dried fruit, and seeds.

This is going to keep the snack healthy but you aren’t limiting yourself to only one option. Sometimes the more options you have, the better.

Healthy Work Snacks

As you can see, having a healthy snack for work isn’t hard to find.

You just need to make sure that you’re always prepared with a snack so you don’t have to try and weigh your options at the vending machine.

If you want to have some other options for snacks, you can always have some low carb vegetables. Some of these vegetables don’t require you to cook them so you can just grab them and go. They can also stay on your desk for multiple days as well.

Other than vegetables, you can always have some low carb fruits. You don’t want something that’s too high in sugar since that will lead you to want that dreaded afternoon nap.

Your desk is a good storage unit for snacks that don’t need to be refrigerated. Take advantage of your desk so that you won’t have to go through your entire day starving.

I also know how difficult it can be sometimes to have the right meals at work when you want one. Fast food is always an easy option. Check out these gluten free fast food options so that you’re at least trying to stay a little healthier than you would without these options.