What is Hemp Seed and 9 Hemp Seeds Benefits

Hemp seeds are considered to be a superfood by many people. This doesn’t mean that it’s going to give you superpowers or anything, but you’re going to appreciate what they can do for your body.

They come from the cannabis plant. Most people will probably immediately go to thinking about marijuana, but hemp seeds aren’t going to do anything that will make you high.

Hemps seeds are small and are going to help your health in multiple ways that you’re going to love.

Again, I believe that it’s important to emphasize that even though these seeds are related to marijuana, they aren’t going to have anything near the same effects as marijuana.

9 Hemp Seeds Benefits

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Hemp seeds may seem like something that can’t do much for your body, in particular, because of their size. How much can tiny seeds actually do for your health?

After reading this article, you’ll see that hemp seeds can actually do a lot for your health and provide it with benefits that you never would’ve thought about.

Below you’ll find 9 hemp seeds benefits that you’ll want to take advantage of. You’ll realize that these are little seeds that you need to have in your life on a near-daily basis.

Rich in Fiber

Everyone needs fiber for their body. Fiber plays a massive role in your overall gut health. Without fiber, your gut health is going to suffer greatly.

Most of the fiber that you’ll get from hemp seeds come from the shell. Just three teaspoons of hemp seeds will give you about 1.2 grams of fiber.

Fiber not only aids in your gut health, but it also aids in reducing your appetite, weight management, and blood sugar.

Getting help with all of these aspects just because of some fiber shouldn’t be overlooked. Improve your health by getting the proper amount of fiber. Most people tend to lack in the fiber department anyway.

Hemp seeds are going to help you reach your daily amounts of fiber.

Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids are typically found in fish. This is where a majority of people get the omega-3 fatty acids they need.

The specific omega-3 fatty acid that hemp seeds will provide you with is alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). This is a fatty acid that isn’t produced by the body.

Having omega-3 fatty acids is essential to a healthy body.

On top of omega-3 fatty acids, hemp seeds have omega-6 fatty acids as well. A healthy balance of the two fatty acids is going to improve your health even more.

Packed with Protein

Protein helps your body recover. Your muscles need protein. One tablespoon of hemp seeds will give you close to 10 grams of protein.

That’s a lot of protein when you compare them to other sources of plant based proteins.

Hemp seeds are also considered a complete protein because they contain all nine essential amino acids.

If you didn’t know, amino acids are the building blocks you need for your body to make protein. Your body can’t produce all nine amino acids so having hemp seeds is going to greatly help your body.

It’s somewhat rare to find a plant-based protein that is considered a complete protein.

So, if you’re a vegetarian or vegan, you can look at the hemp plant as an excellent source of protein you can incorporate into your diet.

Contains Numerous Vitamins and Minerals

Your body needs countless vitamins and minerals if you want it to function like a well-oiled machine.

Hemps seeds will provide you with numerous vitamins and minerals.

They contain vitamin E, magnesium, phosphorous, and potassium. Hemps seeds are rich in these vitamins and minerals. If your body is lacking any of these, you’re going to feel a difference in how you go about your days.

Hemp seeds also contain iron, zinc, and B vitamins. These are going to play a huge role when it comes to your movements and energy on a daily basis.

Aids Heart Health

hemp seed oil

Immediately, you can say that hemp seeds can help your heart health because of the omega-3 fatty acids that are in them.

Some amino acids that are in hemp seeds will eventually turn into nitric oxide in your body. Nitric acid is vitally important when it comes to blood pressure. It helps your blood vessel walls stay smooth and stretchy.

By helping prevent any clogging that could occur in your veins, nitric oxide is excellent for your overall health. This is also going to help lower your blood pressure, which is something else that can significantly lower your risk of heart disease.

Improves Skin

Something most people go through at some point is experiencing acne. That’s just a part of growing up. Sometimes it’s much worse for some people than others.

Adding hemp seeds into your diet can significantly help your skin. This is because of the omega-3 fatty acids that are in them.

You can even use hemp seed oil to help your skin.

The oil is going to be different than the actual seeds, but they both have the same type of effect on your body, especially with your skin.

Combining hemp seeds with a healthy diet will allow your skin to start glowing like it did when you were younger and weren’t going through puberty.

Helps Protect Brain

Without a healthy brain, you’re going to be suffering, everyone knows this.

Having hemp seeds can improve your immune system altogether. However, it can have beneficial effects when it comes to conditions like Parkinson’s disease, alzheimer’s diseases, and multiple sclerosis.

A hemp seeds nutrition is good enough to allow your brain to stay as healthy as possible. Sometimes when you’re already experiencing symptoms of some of the brain disorders above, hemp seeds can help improve the symptoms.

Protecting your brain just from eating some seeds seems like something everyone should take advantage of because it’s so easy to do.

Helps Fight Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune condition that more and more people are beginning to experience. Your immune system starts to attack its own tissue.

This leads to great pain that nobody is going to enjoy experiencing.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oil can help reduce the pain that you experience with rheumatoid arthritis.

Combining hemp seeds with any arthritis medication you may be taking can significantly help the pain you’re experiencing on a daily basis.

Reduces Inflammation

Some of the issues above that people experience, like arthritis and acne, can lead to significant inflammation around your body.

Hemp seeds can help reduce this inflammation on top of helping eliminate those other conditions you may be going through.

Omega-3 fatty acids play the biggest role when it comes to the reduction of inflammation. You know by now that hemp seeds have essential fatty acids along with the omega-3 fatty acids that help contribute to its health benefits.

Being able to reduce inflammation around your body is going to improve all of the conditions above that you could be going through.

Hemp Seeds are for You

hemp seeds benefits

Hemp seeds are a food that you need in your life. Use hemp seeds themselves, hemp oil, or other hemp products. If they give you the same effects that regular hemp seeds can provide then you should be taking advantage of it.

Combining these seeds with other seeds like chia seeds or even flaxseed can vastly improve your health in ways that you would’ve never seen coming.

All of this can be done with just a few tablespoons a day. They aren’t something that you need to massive amount of to get the benefits.

Allow yourself a little snack of a couple tablespoons of seeds a day and your body will go from somewhat healthy to almost never having to go see the doctor again.