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7 Common Keto Mistakes Low Carbers Often Make

We love the ketogenic diet because it not only helps us achieve our physical goals, but it also ensures that we feel better throughout the day.

If you aren’t sure about how to get started on Keto then check out Ketogenic Diet: Beginner’s Guide to Keto and Weight Loss.

In our Keto Bootstrap program, we help 100s of people get acclimated with the ketogenic diet so we know a thing or two about the struggles that people go through.

Just because you’re cutting your carbs and sugars, you aren’t necessarily on a keto diet.

There’s more that goes into the diet and many people may not realize this. You could easily be cutting out certain foods that’ll keep you out of ketosis, but you could be doing things that prevent you from losing the weight you want to lose.

Most of the time, the things you’re doing that are preventing you from reaching your goals are simple mistakes that a lot of other people might be doing as well.

The good news, the simple mistakes made are easily fixable.

Common Keto Mistakes

It can be frustrating reading how others are successful with keto and you can’t seem to be making any type of progress.

Fortunately, it’s usually just a small thing preventing you from achieving your goals.

Below are some of the most common mistakes made by people that are starting a keto diet.

1. Obsessing Over the Scale

common keto mistakes

The scale is an extremely important piece to any diet. You want to see your progress and if you’re on track with the goals you set for yourself.

The problem comes when you start obsessing over the scale. Scales are supposed to be there as a guide, but when you start checking your weight daily or even multiple times a day, you are going to start stressing yourself out.

Something that you should get through your head now, the number on the scale isn’t the most important thing. That is not something you should stress about.

If you are able to stick to the diet, the numbers on the scale will take care of themselves. No point in losing sleep over a number that may not be on the scale right away.

What many people find is that while the scale isn’t moving as fast as they like, their waist size and other parts of their body are shrinking.

If you want to keep track of your weight loss then we suggest setting a day of the week that you always step on the scale. Maybe every Wednesday.

That way you are giving yourself 7 more days until your next progress check.

2. The Wrong Fats

common keto mistakes

If you don’t know by now, fats are a very important part of any ketogenic diet.

This doesn’t mean that you should just consume any fats. There are bad fats when it comes to this diet.

The fats you need to stay away from are the processed fats. Anything processed is a warning sign that you need to stay far away from it.

Examples of fats you should absolutely avoid are vegetables and seed oils. Most of the time, these are processed and going to cause you a lot more health problems like increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of cancer, and a spike in your LDL cholesterol levels.

Taking these types of fats out of your diet will properly put you back on track with your goals and dream body.

3. Not Enough Fats

When you start a keto diet, you will be consuming plenty of fats. However, there are many instances where not enough fats are consumed.

Growing up on a diet that was relatively low in fat and switching to a diet that is supposed to be high in fat could take some getting used to. You might feel as though you are eating too many fats, but more than likely, you’re not.

This is why it is important to track your meals and see if you’re meeting your daily macro goals.

It’s important to just trust the process of the keto diet. Follow your macros even if it feels like you’re eating more than you should.

You have your macros for a reason and sticking to that will give you the best chance at reaching your goals in a suitable time frame.

If you feel as though you’re going to fall short of your macros for the day, a good way to catch up is through fat bombs. Fat bombs are basically made to help you reach your macros. Here are 8 keto fat bombs that are going to help make sure you’re getting enough of the fats you need while you’re on this diet.

4. Too Much Protein

common keto mistakes

In a keto diet, you are going to need more fat than protein. Sometimes it seems as though some people forget this. They try to consume just as much protein as fat.

Doing this is going to slow down the weight loss process if that is your ultimate goal.

Having enough protein is really important for all of your muscles to function properly. However, consuming too much protein will cause your body to start turning some of it into glucose. The last thing you want to do when you’re trying to eliminate sugars from your body is to have it make sugar from too much protein.

When you eat the right amount of protein, you’ll be able to hold onto some of that protein instead of it being converted into glucose. This means your muscles will have some protein to use when it needs to.

5. Looking For a Quick Fix

Some people think that going on a keto diet and cutting carbs is going to solve all of their weight problems fast and they can go back to their old lifestyles when it comes to food. This is false.

Starting a keto diet is something that you really shouldn’t use if you want a quick solution to your weight problems. Yes, you’ll lose weight in the first few weeks, but if you go back to your old habits, the weight will come back in a hurry.

Ketogenic diets are lifestyle changes, not just changes for a few weeks. Switch to a different diet if you want to lose weight quickly without changing your eating habits too much. Don’t waste your time and money on a keto diet when it’s going to last weeks and not years.

6. Comparing Yourself to Others

common keto mistakes

Sometimes it’s difficult, especially with the age we live in, to not compare yourself to others. However, when you’re dieting, comparing yourself to others is one of the last things you need to do.

This is similar to the scale mistake talked about earlier. When you compare yourself to others, you’re more than likely going to start stressing about the diet and have trouble focusing on it.

Stress has a major effect on your body whether you’re dieting or not. You may not recognize how much it causes your body to change, but it makes a massive difference. If you’re constantly stressed, you’ll notice that your weight won’t change as much as it probably should be.

On a keto diet, your body is going to react to it differently than the person next to you. That is why it is pointless to compare yourself to somebody else dieting. Everybody’s body is different and will change different on any diet.

Focus on yourself when you’re on a keto diet. If you aren’t losing the weight right away, don’t panic. The change is coming shortly. Keep your mind off the scale and stick with the diet and you won’t be able to recognize yourself in a few short weeks.

7. Going About It By Yourself

common keto mistakes

Any diet is hard, but going about it by yourself will make the journey that much more difficult. Almost everything is easier when you have somebody to share it with.

When you have those moments of weakness (trust me, you’ll have them no matter what) it’ll be nice to have somebody there with you to keep you strong. If you and somebody else are embarking on the same journey, staying accountable for everything you do becomes easier.

Trying to hold yourself accountable can become difficult at times. When you have another person close to you to hold you accountable, staying with the diet becomes more of a goal instead of a daunting task which is always a plus.

Having somebody else with you on this journey allows you to share all of your struggles and successes with a person going through the same thing as you.

This is why we started Keto Bootstrap. We wanted to create a community of people that are on their keto journey and that are able to share their experience with others.

It’s important to see that others have ups and downs as well and you are not the only one.

Mistakes With Quick Fixes

As you can see, these are all problems that don’t have difficult solutions. You don’t want to start this diet and not see any progress when it is proven that when you stick to the diet, it works.

The best way to avoid all of these mistakes is to just stay conscious of what you’re doing and everything you’re putting in your diet. It’s okay if you have to make slight adjustments to reach your goals in a reasonable amount of time.

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