Oat Milk: What is it? What are its Benefits? Is it Healthy?

When you want something that is like cow milk, but you need more of a dairy-free option, you should look at oat milk. Oat milk is something that is starting to gain a lot more popularity and is an alternative to regular milk.

You may have actually never heard of oat milk. It’s something that’s different than almond milk or other milk alternatives.

Having oat milk is a frothy dairy-free alternative that allows you to get the milky taste you want without possibly having to struggle with stomach issues a little later.

Be ready to try oat milk and experience something that you can fall in love with if you need to have milk in your life.

What is Oat Milk?

oat milk nutrition

What exactly is oat milk? It can’t be as simple as “milking” oats, right?

It’s definitely something that may sound a little odd when you first hear about it.

Oat milk consists of steel-cut oats that are soaked in water, blended, then strained with a special nut milk bag.

This could easily seem as though there’s no way you could get a “milk” out of this process, but when done correctly, you get a creamy, milk-like texture.

If you’ve ever made almond milk or know how almond milk is made, you know it’s through a very similar process. Almond milk is something that many people consider to be very similar to regular milk.

Oat milk is the same thing, just made with oats instead. If you place a cup of regular milk next to a cup of oat milk, you will not be able to tell the difference at first glance.

When made correctly, oat milk will give you everything you want out of your milk. If oat milk is rushed and made in a way that isn’t good, you’re going to have something that still has good taste, but the texture will be much different.

Oat Milk Benefits

Oat milk is an option for anybody that has some sort of dairy allergy or intolerance. It’s also a good alternative to people that can’t have almond milk due to a nut allergy.

If you’re somebody that wants to limit their intake of saturated fats, oat milk is the choice for you.

Having oat milk that’s made from gluten-free oats is perfect for anybody that may have celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.

Oats themselves are typically gluten-free. It all depends on how they’re processed. If they are processed, some gluten might be added to them.

Although you can say it’s not a lot of gluten that’s being added, it’s enough to cause some sort of reaction for people that have any gluten sensitivity.

When it comes to oat milk benefits, you can see that if you have some sensitivities when it comes to regular milk or even almond milk, this is an alternative that you need to consider. The benefits are going to help your gut health in a way you may have never thought.

Oat Milk Nutrition

oat milk calories

The nutritional information of oat milk is going to be something that’s going to really open your eyes.

One cup of oat milk is going to only have 130 calories. You’ll also get 2.5 grams of total fat, 2 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein, 35 percent of your daily recommended calcium, and 25 percent of your daily recommended vitamin D.

This should be something that makes you smile. You can really see how healthy oat milk actually is. When it’s compared to regular milk, it has less protein, but the dairy-free factor is going to play a huge role.

When oat milk is compared to almond milk, there’s more protein. Everyone loves a little more protein because we know that’s something the body definitely needs.

If you compare oat milk to other kinds of milk and milk alternatives, it’s the clear winner when it comes to fiber. Fiber is something that most people don’t have enough of in their everyday diet. So, drinking oat milk will definitely help you with this.

Oat milk contains more vitamins as well. For example, there are plenty of B vitamins and other minerals that your body needs to maintain its health.

Without oat milk, you may not be able to get the same kind of vitamins you need throughout the day.

Even though oat milk is a little higher in carbohydrates than other milk alternatives, it provides you with the energy you need to keep yourself going throughout the day.

Uses of Oat Milk

Oat milk is something that can be used exactly like regular milk. The difference is that oat milk is typically a bit thicker when compared to regular milk.

This could very easily change the consistency of some foods you decide to pair with oat milk.

Cereal is going to be slightly thicker. However, oat milk is sweeter than regular milk so it could add a little bit more to your cereal that you weren’t expecting.

When you want something like coffee and you want to add milk, having something that’s creamier could make your coffee better. Oat milk is perfect for that. Not saying that you’ll be changing the coffee game because you’re adding oat milk, but it’ll definitely add something to your coffee that wasn’t there before.

Basically, any recipe that calls for milk can have oat milk inserted. Oat milk adds a slightly different quality that can make things better.

The sweet, creamy, thick texture of oat milk will change the way some of your favorite recipes taste. This could be for better or for worse, but usually for the better.

How to Make Oat Milk

how to make oat milk

It’s already been mentioned how oat milk is usually made, but I think it’s important to go into a little more detail about making oat milk.

It’s not like any other milk recipe. Although, it is very similar to how almond milk is made.

Making your own oat milk is going to be great for you and save you money in the long run of things. The best part is that oat milk is fairly simple to make.

You’re about to see an oat milk recipe that is about as simple as it can be.

Get whatever oats you’re wanting to use. Using steel-cut oats is usually the best option for this.

Place about a half cup of oats into roughly 3 cups of water. I prefer to let the oats sit in the water for about an hour, just so they can soak up as much of it as possible.

Then, pour the oats and water in a blender. Blend the mixture and make the oats as fine as possible. Blend until you feel like nothing is getting blended anymore.

Pour the blended mixture into a nut milk bag that will allow the milk to strain. Make sure to get as much milk as you can. There is going to be some pulp left in the bag after you strain the mixture.

After this process, you have your milk ready to go. You can use this oat milk for just about anything that calls for milk.

Oat Milk is the Way of the Future

As people start to become much more conscious of their health, the popularity of oat milk is going to rise as well.

Oat milk has a ton of benefits. The nutrition oat milk provides should never be overlooked as well.

When you need a dairy-free alternative to milk, oat milk could possibly be your best option.

Give oat milk a try and you won’t be disappointed. If anything, you’re going to be happily surprised with how things go.

Building a relationship with oat milk can greatly change your health for the better in the near and far future.